High Paying Keywords

High Paying Keywords, Is it work?

Some people said you must find high paying keyword for your adsense and you can make tons of money with adsense. With high paying keyword you can make $50++ per click. Is it true? The answer is no.

I’ve been experiementing about these high paying keyword. Sometimes it work,sometimes it not working at all. If you just choose the highest paying keyword, you will facing milions of competitor that already on the top 10 at the search engine. Can you compete with them? My answer you will take a long time to compete with them.

So, how can i make use the high paying keywords?You can use them but find your own niche.Narrow down the keyword and make more focus on one topic or niche. Then, you can be top 10 on that keyword.

Search engine algoritme was a mystirious thing. We just can assume how its work. But we know, they like unique and fresh content. So, make it for them and put you o the first page on the search engine. Then follow the rule.Do not make what they hate it or you’ll get banned on the search engine.

Back to high paying keywords, you want make more money please make a research or you can end up with $0.02 per click. Research , try and error is a must for adsense publisher. Some people exploited news to attract visitor to their site. You also can make it.

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