How To Increase WebSite Traffic

Have you ever wonder where can you start submitting your website? Wonder no more, here we have compiled a list of useful search engines, online directories and e-marketplaces where you can submit your website FOR FREE and start generating TRAFFIC!!


Google, Yahoo and MSN are the top 3 "800-Pound Gorillas" in the search engine industry. These 3 search engines are used extensively by 2/3 of the world internet population(or even more). If you website does not exist in their database, then it's an isolated island!!
Important: Follow the search engine quality guidelines below before submission so they will "love" your website even more and get it ranked higher than your competitors!!
  • Google Webmaster Guideline
  • Yahoo Webmaster Guideline
  • MSN ( Webmaster Guideline

800-Pound Gorilla in Search Engine


Besides the Big 3, you should try out the smaller search engines below as well.



Web directory like Open Directory is a good place to start submitting your website for free. But bear in mind that directory like are manually edited by human volunteers, it will take some time for your website to be verified and get listed. Others like Yahoo! already start charging USD 299 yearly if you want your website to be reviewed and listed FAST!

Open Directory
Yahoo Directory Submit


E-Marketplace is a virtual place where buyers and suppliers all around the world meet and trade. E-Marketplace is more suited for manufacturers or wholesalers, since they facilitate bulk buying between businesses. Some of the E-Marketplaces actually provide free account where you can post a limited number of products for FREE!
Asian Net
Global Sources
EC Plaza
Commerce Online
Transworld Trade Net
Taiwan Trade
Asian Products
Busy Trade

Please take some of your time to do the submission or registration. We are pretty sure you will find it beneficial. After all, it's FREE. You should be able to get substantial traffic to your website one or two month after submission. Hard work always pays off!

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